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Everflashing  from Quality Aluminum Products Inc.

Proper installation of deck ledger flashing is very important.

  Water must not become trapped between the house and the ledger board, or the results could become very costly or even catastrophic.   Ledger board lag bolts, ledger flashing, and counter flashing are all parts of a good ledger board attachment.

    Deck ledger attachment to the house is one of the most important details on a deck. Ledger flashing, counter flashing, and type of metal are all things to consider when choosing the right kind of deck ledger flashing.

Item #1   The ledger board attachment with proper deck ledger flashing, counter flashing on a straight run.


Item #2   A deck ledger board’s inside corner with proper ledger flashing and counter flashing.

Item #3   The deck ledger board’s outside corner with proper deck flashing, and counter flashing.

Everflashing is proudly made in the USA, and we are also members of NADRA (The North American Deck and Railing Association).